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The Expresso Bar


2 PM - 4 PM EST

Welcome to Espresso Bar Radio, 2 Different Shows done on a fortnightly bases, I'm slowly working up to 2 shows a week every show is recorded live and generic so can be played at any time, the format is very safe no swearing to worry about, Show Information Espresso Bar Mix Bag - carefully curated 2 Hours of Hits of the last 20 years, with Brand new Music that is not even charted yet Espresso Bar Classic Hits - Carefully curated 2 Hours of Classic Hits from the 70s and 80s, memories and more, because hey its classic hits 2x55 Min Files Giving you time to add News ads etc. If you would like a Promo, please add it into the Promo Request File with the station name, Time Slot and any other details. The Latest Folder is the best folder to get the latest show, but if you need the archives, they are there Hope your station and Listeners Enjoy Cheers DJ SWEY"

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